We offer  sessions in groups, departments or teams to provide you with exactly what you need to increase productivity, revenue and profit - while maintaining a highly motivated staff.  The following are a few of the workshops and seminars we offer:

How to Shine at Work

Based on the best selling book, How to Shine at Work , (McGraw-Hill), this customizable session will help your people become accountable for their actions, become aware of how their behavior affects others, and learn how to develop workplace relationships that are productive and positive.

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Understanding and Managing Diversity

Diversity awareness is absolutely essential for competing and succeeding in today's ever-evolving marketplace, and the place to start is to clearly define and understand diversity and how it affects everything we do - managing an increasingly diverse workforce effectively is directly connected to employee satisfaction and increased productivity.

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Why We Do What We Do...

And why we don't do what we could do! This workshop is designed to expand your awareness and understanding of the many elements that affect your life, your aspirations, your priorities, your success, and your quality of life. Learn how to make better choices, set better goals in all areas of your life because you more fully understand the range of dynamics that drive, trigger, inspire, orient and even define you.   To learn more about this exciting workshop, email us:  click here

Managing Workplace Emotions:

Learn how to respond appropriately to daily pressures, techniques and tips on how to take charge of uncomfortable situations, how to receive feedback and criticism without taking it personally (and how to give feedback and criticism without making it personal!),  learn how to turn negatives into  a positives, how to handle anger, fear, upset and disappointments with patience and understanding.  Through interactive role-plays, self-assessments and group discussion, this fun and lively workshop will provide techniques and tools to identify and develop self-awareness, self-management, motivation and conflict resolution.   

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Creative Leadership:

Description: Learn how to effectively facilitate and lead your team to achieve the goals needed today during this two-day workshop.  Using  behavioral assessments, communication strategies,  theory and problem-solving techniques, we will custom-design a program for you to teach your leaders how to develop effective teams. Skills include designing, aligning and managing teams around missions and goals; creating an environment for teams to take risks and grow; negotiating and managing conflict within teams and across functional areas; and motivating individual members of teams to share resources while reaching their highest potential. To learn more about this exciting workshop, email us:  click here

Real Teamwork:

Description: This one-day session is offered in support of team leaders and is designed for team members to help them identify and solve problems, make meaningful contributions in "walking the talk" around the mission and vision of the team and organization, and understand a common language and culture. To learn more about this interactive workshop, email us:  click here

Coaching Skills for Managers:

Description: To create an environment of motivation, managers must learn and use coaching skills as a part of their basic style. The result is reduced fear, blame, finger-pointing - and improved productivity, an increase in risk-taking and problem-solving, and increased morale as relationships are built around trust and respect. This one-day workshop helps managers see how much easier coaching is than convincing, threatening, cajoling.. and we will give them tools and simple guidelines to follow to motivate others to achieve peak performance. To learn more about this exciting workshop, email us:  click here

The Troubled Team:

Description: This two-day workshop is custom-designed for teams in turmoil.  Using a common language, communication strategies, conflict resolution tools and problem-solving techniques, this program will help current teams eliminate dysfunctional behaviors and communication styles to overcome roadblocks and increase productivity, trust and respect.  To learn more about this exciting workshop, email us:  click here

Building a High Performance Team

Description: This session is designed to help your team identify their own team effectiveness factors and barriers to success while learning how to identify behaviors in themselves and others to improve teamwork, effectiveness and productivity.   To learn more about this exciting workshop, email us:  click here

The Real Deal:  How to Get Along!

Description: This is it - the way to really figure out why some workplace relationships just dont work, and what to do about them.  The key is in understanding yourself, and then others in terms that are objective, not critical.  Learn how during this fun, interactive 1/2 day or full day workshop.  Click here for more details

Additional Modules Available:

Managing Conflict

Learn the causes of team conflict, and the coaching skills and strategies to resolve it.    

Team Purpose:

Effective teams are driven by an inspiring mission that must technically support the organization's vision of a desired future state. Use coaching skills to define your team's mission, purpose and goals.

Team Development:

What are the stages of team development, and what stage is your team experiencing?  What are effective team characteristics, and how does your team measure up?  Use coaching skills to identify these and improve performance.

Team Communication:   

Team communication is defined as the exchange of information between team members that is satisfactorily transmitted, received and acted upon.    An idea, regardless of its value, is just an idea until other team members understand it.  The quality of the team's work depends on the quality of information they share.  Learn how to coach your team for effective communication.

Giving and Receiving Feedback: 

Giving and receiving feedback are two important parts of effective teamwork.  The guidelines presented will assist team members in developing open channels of communication where team members can learn and grow from each other to achieve extraordinary results.

Problem Solving and Decision Making:

A problem is something that has gone wrong in the past and must be managed in the present.  Decision making is rooted in the present with a look into the future.  Learn the skills to effective problem solving, and learn the skills to make the best decisions early and often to avoid the need for problem solving.

Self-Authorized Leadership:  

The traditional models of leadership encompass principles that are now ineffective (and actually hinder team performance).  Today we use coaching skills to build teams with members who can capitalize on their own abilities to be self-authorized leaders.  This module demonstrates the Seven Pillars of Leadership Character, allowing team members to assume responsibility for their actions and relationships with others.

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