Communicating and interacting effectively with others may be the difference between achieving success or failure in work, career, and life goals.  Whether you are in a job you love and are ready to move ahead, or you are in active career transition and looking for a job you love, this assessment will give you a better understanding of yourself and an understanding of others so you can interview or manage more successfully.

Our new web-based DISC Assessment is designed to help you understand:

  • Preferred work environment -  An overview of the type of work environment you prefer

  • Potential Strengths in Business - Maximize your strengths to maximize your performance

  • Work Portrait - How you deal with problems,  people, risk and change, and rules

  • Personal Performance Motivators - Learn your key motivators for top performance

  • Personal Growth Suggestions - Presents tendencies that may slow your career progress

  • Playing to your Strengths -  Helps you identify whether your work situation is instinctive to you, or if you change your approach to succeed in your work environment (and just how much stress does that create?) 

  • Communications Builders/Barriers - Suggestions to improve communication, reinforce relationships, promote credibility, and gain increased productivity.

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